What are the Best Social Media Platforms for Artists?

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In today’s world being an aspiring artist is not easy. Opening up a gallery and showcasing your work is cheap and does not pay off unless you have an established name or brand. Luckily, the phenomenon of social media is there to help.

Artists can now use the power of various SM platforms to promote their work and make a name for themselves. It is as easy as picking up a Tropicana casino promo code. But which one to use?

Choosing wisely will help you garner success while a poor choice will break down your creative process. So unless you don’t want to waste time with the wrong ones, here are some great social media platforms for artists that we suggest.


DeviantArt is widely considered as the Mecca for artists. The social media platform for artists was founded in 2000 and already has 38 million registered deviants (as members of the site are called).

The site also gets 65 million visits per month and artists upload 160,000 unique art pieces per day.

Becoming a member allows you to showcase any style of art you are into. You can browse and view various categories offered and show your unique ones to other members and the rest of the world. There are daily drawing challenges, forums, critique chat rooms, and all sorts of things to help an artist.


The CGSociety site has offered plenty of interesting things to help artists. One can get informed, connect with other people, promote their work, and do all kinds of cool things. More so, there are many interesting tutorials and workshops that can help you advance your skill. You can even get in touch and chat with some professionals and get their insight as well.


Pinterest is actually viewed as a huge online scrapbook that all people can see. You can devise your own and fill your scrapbook with all kinds of stuff that you like.

Even though Pinterest is not specifically aimed at artists, it offers them a place to exhibit their work.

Create your own scrapbook with art pieces that you have created and share them with others. Also, get new ideas by looking at other people’s stuff and discuss everything together.


Behance allows users to show their work or discover people that offer great ideas. You can easily get discovered and hired by displaying some of the very unique pieces that you have created there. Behance actually distributes the work of its members to other online galleries and maximizes your exposure that way. Most of the views come from non-members, so it increases your chance of success.


Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world. It allows people to share their images with the rest of the world. But besides sharing photos one can share pieces of art they have created.

It does not matter what the art is as long as it looks good and people enjoy seeing it.