Typical gambling photo ideas

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Gambling photos are an inexhaustible theme and source of motivation for photographers, especially those earning a living by taking photos professionally for gambling sites and real casinos. No promotions, including the Pools.com welcome offer and bonuses that are not so rare online, are as alluring as when there are some amazing pics accompanying the text. When taking a photo which will be used for an online gambling site or for commercial purposes of a casino, you have to think of the ways how this photo could attract people’s attention and lure them towards investing money in trying their luck. You have to try getting into the heads of the people who are potential customers.


The most attractive thing when gambling is concerned is, of course, money. People dream of winning big prizes and large sums of money which could provide them with financial security.  So, money and bills can be used as a brilliant idea for gambling photography. You can, for example, take a photo of a bundle of money near the roulette wheel, or fruit machine with the winning combination. One more great idea is to show a person placed somewhere in a casino counting the money and having a satisfied look at their face.


Another motive for gambling photography is a deck of cards. Again, a winning combination of cards with some money beside them is a good idea. An ace up the sleeve of a gentleman’s jacket can always make people think that they can find their secret way of winning the money. A man sitting at a roulette wheel, holding a winning combination of cards in his hands and throwing the money into the air is a typical association with victory in a casino.


If you think of horse racing fans, you can attract them by photographing horses in gallop on a racing track. This symbolizes the strength of the horse and his potential for winning the race and, furthermore, a customer’s winning of the money. The interesting idea is to display a chicken that lays golden eggs beside the rolling dices. This symbolizes gambling power to make you rich.

Shiny happy people

People usually get the wish to imitate nice things they see in the photos. Happy people surrounded by all the glowing casino lights, glamorous exteriors and enchanting interiors can be a very good motivation for starting a gambling hobby. A group of friends celebrating the prize they got with champagne, having fun, being delirious because they won a lot of money can instantly make you wish to walk in their shoes.


All the things considered, the most important thing to keep in mind when taking photos for gambling sites is that they should display happiness, glowing lights of casinos, elegant people drinking alcohol and having the time of their lives. Every photo you see when visiting a gambling site should make you think that you are lucky enough to win money easily. It is not advisable to display people with worried expressions on their faces, or to mention words such as “loss”, “risk” or “unlucky”, since this can scare people and they will give up investing their money.