Most important settings on photo cameras

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Many people nowadays think that if they possess an expensive camera, they can refer to themselves as brilliant photographers. Beside having the expensive camera, it is also of great importance that they know how to adjust its settings in order to get the best out of it. It’s not enough to choose the “auto” option when taking photos, because they will all look alike. You have to know how to get different and wonderful photos by clicking on the right options.


ISO option shows the level of camera’s sensitivity to light. This level is proportionate to the adjusted level of ISO. It is usually recommended to take photos with lower ISO number. But, when taking photos in dark environment, you should use higher ISO, and this can lead you to having photos with digital noise and grains, sometimes. But modern cameras are usually not facing this problem. Higher ISO is recommended when you take photos of moving objects with the tendency to make them motionless.


The second important option to adjust is aperture. It is defined as the magnitude of the hole in the lens. Similar to ISO settings, the level of the light is proportionate with the greatness of the hole. It’s counted in f-stops. The lower f-stop means that the aperture is open wider, and because of this,  more light gets through it. The aperture has an effect on the objects that are in the focus.

So, the wider aperture will lead to the more compact focus area. You choose one area to be in the focus, while the rest of the photo will be blurry. When photographing portraits, you usually choose this setting. On the other hand, when taking photos of landscapes, narrow aperture is better choice.

Shutter speed

Another important factor when taking high-quality photos is considered, is shutter speed. It is the time for which your camera is exposed to light. Depending on the question whether you want sharp or blurred images, you choose fast or slow shutter speed (fast shutter stops the moves, slow shutter blurs the entities in the photo). When a camera has a mechanical shutter, it opens and closes and lets the light in. Other cameras have digital shutters and you need to set a time interval they need to turn it on. Blurry photos are taken with long shutter. Short shutters are used for freezing the objects in the photo.


This is also one of the key factors for having a good photo. By using adequate flash, you control the level of light in your photos. Sometimes it’s not possible to use only the natural light. So, how the flash works? It throws light on the entity you are shooting and the camera captures the light that is sent back. ISO level has the effect on your photographs taken with flash. Your flash is more effective with the higher ISO. The problem with using the flash is that it does not always succeed in hitting the entity you are shooting. Sometimes the entity is too far away and the flash has no effect there.


All the things considered, when trying to create a perfect photo, it’s not enough to rely on auto settings of your camera, or to just set some random settings, but you have to practice, explore and combine all of the factors in trying to find the optimal settings on your camera model.