How to take good photos for sports betting sites

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Many sports betting sites have emerged all over the world. Bookmakers and casinos alike work on their advertising and commercials, in order to attract more and more clients. All of them try to stand out, so the clients would choose their services rather than some other sites’. They usually search for creative people whose photos they can use for advertising of their site. Even though some sites that review online casinos and bookmakers use stock photos and screenshots, like this Energy casino promocode review site, original photos will bring much more value to the company. Some sites, like this Polish might use original photos if a piece is about the person on the photo and they agree on a photoshoot for that magazine in particular. If you want to win extra money and you also love photography, you can shoot photos for sports betting sites. There are few important things you should know before accepting the business.

Don’t use brand names

Like shooting photos for any other purpose, you should keep in mind that you are not allowed to use brand names and display them on the photos which will be used for sports betting sites. If you do this, these sites will not accept your photos or they will demand from you to remove any brand name from the photo.

Do not go into details

Photos for sports betting sites should instantly make people who visit the site wish to place a bet there. You should try to think and be creative like an advertiser. It is recommended to take simple photos with not so many details on them. Since the theme you are shooting is sports betting, you are advised to use sports equipment, like balls. When horse racing is concerned, you can take photos of horses, horse tracks, jockeys, or people who have fun beside the track. For a volleyball match, it could be the ball, or the pitch with the net in view.

The focus is on money

People who visit sports betting sites don’t do this to educate themselves, or to find jobs, but to place bets and win some money. Photos of excited and joyous people winning money make the impression that this could be very easy for anyone. Relaxed atmosphere with people having a cup of coffee and holding mobile phones which they use for betting can also be a good idea. Everyone would wish to feel like these people in the photos. You are expected to make people think that they will win money and get prizes. They should choose to stay and place bets after seeing your photo.


When taking into account all of these factors, you should also think of the quality of your photos. They should be of high resolution and very large, so the people who need them can later edit them as they plan. All the things considered, you have to practice, be creative and your photos should stand out in order to be chosen among all of the other photographers.