How to Become a Sports Photographer

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Being a photographer, one has to know a lot about the lighting and how to best position the subject or what to put in the focus. This is often challenging even when we talk about still life photography, portraits or nature, but imagine how difficult it must be to be a sports photographer. Sports are very dynamic and often unpredictable, everything changes in a split of a second and you must always be prepared to take the shot (almost as prepared when you use the offer from Pinnacle Sport). Here are some helpful tips that anyone who dreams of becoming a sports photographer should read first.

  1.      Choose the right “gear”

If you are seriously passionate about becoming a sports photographer, a simple smartphone camera is not going to do the job. It is highly recommended to use a DSLR or mirrorless camera. These cameras are much faster and provide a better quality of images in terms of clarity. A tripod might be difficult to use in this situation so monopod might be better since it offers the same stability but allows more flexibility.

  1.      Be well-informed

It is highly recommended to get yourself familiarized with the rules of the sports game you will be photographing. You can watch some video recordings of old games or matches to see where the true action usually happens. Knowing the rules will help you predict where and how the players will be moving, and thus you can choose the perfect position for your camera.

  1.      Positioning well

Just like it was mentioned in the previous tip, being at the right place in the right moment is absolutely crucial when it comes to sports photography. So, make sure to “stake out” the location (stadium, field, hall, track) and strategically position yourself so that you can capture the most important moments of the game/match.

  1.      Just keep shooting

With photographing events such as sports matches it is difficult to predict when the important moment might happen, so make sure to keep your finger on the shooter button and take a series of photos immediately before and sometime after the crucial moments. All the best “gems” of sports photography are the reactions of the players when they realize what had just happened.

  1.      The crowd

One of the absolute “musts” is to take shots of the crowd. It is often those loyal fans that create the magical atmosphere at the stadium. There are surely many emotions and expressions that color the faces of the crowd and that would be worth your while.

  1.      Storage space

Since you are bound to take many unnecessary shots as well as a few great ones, you must make sure to have a lot of storage space in your camera. So, before attending the sport event, always make sure to do a backup and upload all the previous shots and empty your memory card. You wouldn’t want to see “memory full” message on your screen while preparing for a great shot.

  1.      Stay out of the way

You might be so invested in the sport and dedicated to your mission that you might forget that you are not alone. There will be many other sports’ enthusiasts and professional photographers in the first lines. You must be polite and respectful of others. Be assertive but stay out of other people’s way.