Augmented Reality: Three Ways AR Is Transforming the Arts

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Technology allows us to do multiple things, from communicating to each other to finding great things online, for a price which is often a fragment of what it would otherwise cost. How did this happen? Well, technology rapidly evolved in the last five decades, which lead to us having internet access, among other great things. Having access to the internet is great, because we can do almost everything, from shopping to sports betting. Yes, online bookmakers like EvoBet exist due to technology.

Another great thing which came from technology is augmented reality. Augmented reality is a way to view the world by using computers to enhance our senses, one or more of them. It has been used in the military, but has trickled down to commercial use, in multiple areas. Here is how AR is changing the arts.

New Possibilities – New Forms of Art

Imagine seeing a painting and thinking it was nothing special, at first, only to find out that you had been mistaken. Well, that can easily happen if you do not have enough experience to know what is of value in a certain piece of art, but considering that you do, that something might have escaped your eye do to it not being visible without additional equipment. This has already been done, in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Various pieces of art were on display, which people could only see and perceive completely through the use of their phones. This is but one way of using AR to enhance art and give it a new look, or offer a new perspective on art. 

Design – It is Already Used in Marketing

Marketing is one of the first industries which finds a way to use a new technology. AR is great for marketing, as there can be great content hidden behind a white piece of paper, or rather, a screen. With the use of mobile phones and tablets, one can view this hidden content and find out what is being advertised, or better yet, find something new about the product being advertised, for example, a discount.

Someone has to design these advertisements, both regular ones and AR ones.

This opens up new job positions and forces artists to think of creative new ways of using content which cannot be viewed without additional technology.

Enhancing the Experience

Performance arts could benefit greatly from AR, in the sense that more can be added to various performances, such as dancing and live concerts. Movies, even, could have hidden gems veiled by AR. With the right tools and some creativity, AR can enhance the already existing arts, or rather, give the artists new ways of expressing themselves, ways which might convey a message better.

Given the nature of video games, they were among the first to adopt AR. Any and all video games can be played through AR, with the help of the right equipment, namely motion tracking and head tracking.

Swinging a lightsaber is possible through AR games, mind you. You can unleash your inner Jedi or pool champion, among other things.

There are plenty of AR games and plenty of ways artists can make things come to life.

AR is changing the world of art as we know it. It might not be a drastic change but it will be one which could lead to new art forms, not to mention new art.